In the frame

I have taken some of my plaid experiments and had them printed up as matt photos ready to frame with some white frames from IKEA.

Both are white and there is a small frame and a large frame.

In the small frame I have opted to print out some brighter plaids. For the larger frames I have chosen some more harmonious, chilled-out plaids. I have ordered more images than I have frames to pick the ones that work best. The larger ones are Poster Prints (matt) from Photobox and the smaller ones are Enlargement Prints which are also matt.

I chose to make these matt as I want them to look less like a photograph. Sometimes I find the glossy photos look a bit ‘cheap’ and the matt ones give (me at least) the feeling that they are higher quality.

With the business cards though,  I am choosing to have the mini cards printed with a gloss finish (as this will make the stripes super-punchy) and the square ones with a matt finish (larger surface area, so I don’t want them to shine too much).

Here are the images I have chosen to have printed.


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