Personal Practice Plan – Final Submission 1

Personal Practice Plan

Year 4 (2014)


  • Start considering requirements for promotional materials for MA Show.
    Discuss options with cohort regarding formats and PR suggestions etc.
    Work with cohort to agree design and format for catalogue and promotional materials. Design concepts and work through to finalised templates ready for work and statements to populate these.


  • Re-evaluate position at work to consider part-time
    Unexpectedly made redundant this quarter, so pushed year 4 schedule forward, with a condensed time for making (complete by mid-August) to allow time to look for work and possible extended commutes due to a possible change of location etc.


  • Concentrate on completing course
    Completed the planned paintings for submission (with a couple of extra and some framed prints). Consider cutting some of these from exhibition once in space – prints undermine the paintings, so consider supplying as supportive material.
    Complete all the promotional materials for the exhibition.
    Complete own promotional material (using Moo mini and square business cards as these fit my work far better than standard business card sizes).


  • Have recouped final year’s fees through sales
    Plan to sell work at Bank Street which may help to recoup the final year’s fees.


2016 and Beyond

  • Reassess work situation
    Consider this at regular intervals – this will obviously become apparent if the level of work in my practice outweighs the day job.
    Consider approaching galleries in locations where I have created work specific to that area.
    The Health arena in general is an area to explore in terms of commissions and applications – work would still fit within health environments whether it had a mental health attachment or not. The theory behind my work could be applied to other materials in buildings like glass (windows), steps etc.
  • Identify projects and apply for funding
    Remember to exploit my business skills when applying for grants and commissions. I am capable of talking to other professionals from architecture and public art with a familiarity of process and business understanding. The arena of architecture and public art would be a good match for me and my art. I can present well etc and dummy up work for concepts and approval.
    Consider developing projects/shows with other members of the cohort. Jo Keeley and I have an idea around homelessness we need to develop. We must consider: who is the work for? Is it for the homeless, is it for us? Should it be outside around the homeless? Remember to get someone to read a draft of the application before submitting it. We need to source funding from more than just the Arts Council – relevant charities (such as mental health and health centres) need to be involved too as a ’rounded’ application.

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