Day 5, April 25th (Easter Monday)

Got up today and the magical mist had returned and taken away all the skyscrapers. So we decided not to go to Staten again (like we had planned to) and instead go shopping in Macy’s – the world’s largest store. It was mind-blowing. I had to restrict myself to just the sales sections because there was too much choice! We spent nearly the whole day in there and when we came out it was to a view of the Empire State right in front of us and a cloudless sky. Gorgeous. We decided to take one of the walks from my New York Walks book to take in the skyscrapers in the area – doing a little shopping on the way.

We crossed the street and noticed the flatiron building in the distance. Zigzagging through the streets we finally caught a glimpse of the edge of the Chrysler building glinting in the sunlight. Just a couple more blocks and we would be there. We rounded 2 more corners and there it was – or wasn’t. Not sure how or where it came from – but suddenly this low cloud swooped in and started eating up the top of the building. It was hiding from us AGAIN! So we went into Grand Central Terminal in the hope the cloud might clear – but it didn’t. Got some good shots in the main foyer of the busyness. Really good fun taking them. But when we came out big rain drops started to fall. We nipped into the foyer of the Chrysler to look at the famous ceilings, which were fantastic – but we couldn’t go any further. It was very rich and opulent. From there we tried to find somewhere to eat nearby – but couldn’t find anywhere quiet or somewhere that was a chain we weren’t familiar with. So we started drifting around streets being drawn to lights or an increase in craziness. Whilst checking out the next intersection we noticed the lights for Radio City and seemed to have used our ‘homing device’ to make it back to the Rockefeller centre – not sure how – but it was spooky and hilarious all at once. This time we DID find Bill’s burger bar. We had a Mahi salad and cupcakes and mojitos. Shelly also had a jalapeno, passion fruit and mango Margherita – which was surprising and amazing!

We were so tired we took a cab back to the hotel for us and all of our shopping and finally managed to stay up till midnight on our last night!


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