Different times

I wanted to investigate a little more the ‘coding’ of my
colour palettes. I wanted to explore reordering the colours in some
way without it being a pleasing way to me: to make more
combinations from those palettes by set rules. These 3 are created
by looking at the palettes from the month of April. I have taken
the first colour from the 9 every day to make one set. The next is
the middle colour from the whole month and the last is the final
colour from every palette in the month. These turn out to be very
interesting from the perspective that the colours sort of follow a
pattern! The first choices in the palettes are often blues. They
are also often quite strong. The Noon colours are slightly more
muddied and muted. The End colours are often quite muted and
neutral with the odd bright colour thrown in. I think these are
quite interesting in their own right as I have had no conscious
hand in reordering these, but it is good to look at the colours in
a different way. When thinking about this, the hymn ‘Lord of All Hopefulness‘ kept popping
into my head. Probably because of the line ‘at the end of the day’
– as the final set of stripes are the colour that appears at the
end of each day’s palette. I therefore have called these 3 images
‘At the Break of the Day’, ‘At the Noon of the Day’ and ‘At the End
of the Day’. I quite like these as titles as there still implies
some ‘coding’ to it as well as suggesting a level of spirituality
which colour can imply.

At the Noon of the Day - April 2013

At the Noon of the Day – April 2013

At the End of the Day - April 2013

At the End of the Day – April 2013

At the Break of the Day - April 2013

At the Break of the Day – April 2013

Angela suggested I check out an exhibition in Paris.
James suggested I check out Christopher Landoni’s work.


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